Creative Commons Zero (CC-0)

We have dedicated this resource to the public domain using Creative Commons Zero (CC0).

You are free to use this data in whatever way you wish and combine it with data in the public domain from other sources. See:

Guidelines for use

To maintain good practice, we request that you follow these guidelines when using our licenced data.

Image Licencing

Although image files may be referenced some data, they are not made available under the same licence terms as the data.
The images referenced are low resolution (up to a maximum of 1024 pixels in either direction) and are licenced under a
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs licence.
This means that although you are free to download them, they must not be adapted, must not be used for commercial purposes and attribution must be made to the Fitzwilliam Museum.
For any other uses please contact the Museum's Image Library.

This licence applies only to images in which there are no third party rights, and does not apply for example to images of works which are still within copyright.