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Psalter: MS 36-1950

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Current Location: Gallery 32 (Rothschild)




Artist: Master of Giovanni da Gaibana




PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Parchment, i modern parchment flyleaf + 147 fols. + i paper flyleaf + i modern parchment flyleaf, 326 x 227 (203 x 132) mm, 23 long lines, ruled in brown ink.

BINDING: nineteenth century, yellow morocco over pasteboards; earlier gold covers said to have been melted down and manuscript sold by the Mint in Munich (Ashburnham Appendix, no. XXXIV)

fols. 1v – 13r Calendar
fols. 15v – 22r Full-page miniatures
fols. 23v – 135r Psalter, Gallican, with full-page miniatures grouped at main division Psalms
fols. 135r – 142v Canticles, Te Deum, Quicumque vult
fols. 143r – 147r Litany with collects

DECORATION: Calendar pages framed within twin arches with pillars supported by beasts and hybrids, miniatures beneath the arches showing Labours of the Month, scenes illustrating clauses of Apostles’ Creed and Zodiac signs, and vertical bands in left and right margins containing busts of saints or feasts beside their mention in the Calendar:
fol. 1v January, Man warming and feasting by fire; left margin: Circumcision, Massacre of the Innocents, Adoration of the Magi, saint, St Maurus; right margin: Martyrdom of St Stephen, St John in cauldron of boiling oil, St Paul, the first hermit; St Felix, St Marcellus;
fol. 2r January, St Peter holding key and scroll inscribed Credo in deum patrem qui creat. Celi et terre, Christ with celestial and terrestrial globes standing between two adoring angels, Aquarius; left margin: St Anthony, St Agnes with angel, St Paul lifted by man, St Valerius; right margin: St Prisca, Sts Fabian and Sebastian, St Vincent, St Timothy, St John Chrysostom;
fol. 2v February, Pruning; left margin: Presentation in the Temple, saint, Sts Vedast and Amand, St Scholastica, St Tullianus; right margin: St Bridget, St Blasius, Martyrdom of St Agatha, Sts Dionysius and Julian, St Desiderius;
fol. 3r February, St Andrew holding scroll inscribed et in ihesum Christum fili. eius, Baptism of Christ, Pisces; left margin: St Valentine holding a sun, St Juliana, St Concordia, St Gaius, St Thecla, St Matthias, St Nestor; right margin: St Crato, Sts Publius and Marcellus, St Hilary, St Peter enthroned, St Romanus;
fol. 3v March, Threshing corn; left margin: St Simplicius, St Victor, Sts Perpetua and Felicitas, St Gregory, St Macedonius; right margin: St Lucius, St Adrian, St Quentin, St Attala, St Leo, St Matrona;
fol. 4r March, St James the Great holding scroll inscribed Qui conceptus est de spi. S. natus ex M., Annunciation, Aries; left margin: St Gertrude, St Leontius, St Benedict, Annunciation, Resurrection, St Eustace of Luxeuil; right margin: St Alexander, St Eugenius, St Cyrinus, St Ludger, St Balbina;
fol. 4v April, Digging, green filed and tree; left margin: St Quintianus, St Irene, St Mary of Egypt, St Leo, St Euphemia, St Quintianus (probably for Cyriacus); right margin: Four crowned martyrs, St Ambrose, St Sixtus, St Apollonius, St Julius, St Tiburtius and Valerian, St Callistus;
fol. 5r April, St John holding scroll inscribed Passus sub poncio py. crucis mor. et r., Crucifixion with Virgin and St John, Taurus; left margin: St Peter the Deacon, St Simeon, St George, St Cletus, St Vitalis, St Quirinus; right margin: St Valerius, St Victor, St Gaius, St Vincent, four clerics (Rogation Days), St Anastasius, St Peter Martyr with scroll inscribed Credo in deum pat.;
fol. 5v May, Grafting; left margin: Sts Philip and James, St Helena with Jew, St John in cauldron with boiling oil, St Constantius, Sts Gordian, Epimachus and another saint; Sts Nereus, Achilleus and another saint; right margin: King Sigismund, St Florian, St Juvenal, St Mamertus, St Boniface;
fol. 6r May, St Thomas holding scroll inscribed Descendit ad i. f. tercia d. res.ani. , Harrowing of Hell, Gemini; left margin: St Peregrinus, Pope Mark I, St Saturnina, saintly bishop, St Bede, St Germanus, St Felix; right margin: St Potentiana, St Desiderius, St Urban, St Salustianus, St Cantianilla;
fol. 6v June, Ploughing; left margin: St Nicomedes, St Boniface, St Fortunatus, Sts Primus and Felician, St Barnabas, St Felicula, Sts Vitus and Modestus; right margin: Sts Marcellinus and Peter, St Vincent, St Medard, St Baislides and three other saints, Sts Aureus and Justina;
fol. 7r June, St James the Less holding scroll inscribed Ascendit ad celos sedet ad dex. dei pa., Ascension, Cancer; left margin: St Adiutus, Sts Gervasius and Protasius, naming of St John the Baptist, Sts John and Paul, Pope Leo I, Sts Peter and Paul; right margin: Sts Marcus and Marcellianus, St Paulinus, St Serena, Seven Sleepers, St Paul;
fol. 7v July, Mowing; left margin: St Ulric, St Maternianus, St Benedict, St Margaret, Division of the Apostles; right margin: Sts Processus and Martinianus, Sts Peter and Paul (Octave), St Kilian and two other saints, Seven brothers, St Phocas;
fol. 8r July, St Philip holding scroll inscribed Inde venturusest iudicare iii. et , God as Judge, Leo; left margin: St Alexius under staircase, St Praxedis, St Christine, St James; St Hermolaus, Sts Simplicius, Faustinus and two other saints, St Germanus of Auxerre; right margin: St Arnulf, St Mary Magdalene washing Christ’s feet, St Apollinaris, St Pantaleon, Sts Abdon and Sennes;
fol. 8v August, Reaping; left margin: saint, Invention of St Stephen, St Dominic, St Donatus, St Tiburtius, Assumption of the Virgin; right margin: Pope Stephen, Sts Sixtus, Felicissimus and Agapitus, Martyrdom of St Laurence, St Hyppolitus and two other saints, St Eusebius;
fol. 9r August, St Bartholomew holding scroll inscribed Credo in spiritum sanctum, Pentecost, Virgo; left margin: St Arnulf, St Agapitus, Sts Timothy and Simphorian, St Bartholomew, St Augustine, Sts Felix and Adauctus; right margin: St Magnus, St Privatus, St Genesius, St Rufus, Decollation of St John the Baptist, St Paulinus;
fol. 9v September, Sowing; left margin: St Giles with deer, St Remaclus, St Regina, St Gorgonius and two other saints, St Serapion, St Nicomedes; right margin: St Justinus, St Marcellus, Nativity of the Virgin, St Hilary, St Theodulus, Exaltation of the Cross held by Constantine and St Helena;
fol. 10r September, St Matthew holding scroll inscribed Sanctam ecclesiam katholicam, seven people kneeling before church set on altar, Libra; left margin: St Euphemia, St Eustorgius, St Maurice with two other saints in armour, St Valeria, St Wenceslas, St Jerome; right margin: St Lambert, St Matthew, St Thecla, Sts Cosmas and Damian, Archangel Michael;
fol. 10v October, Gathering grapes; left margin: St Remigius, St Rainolfus (probably for Meinulfus), St Eusebius, St Denis carrying crown of head, with one companion, St Calixtus, St Gall; right margin: St Leodegar, St Francis displaying stigmata, St Mark of Apulia, St Gereon, St Faustus, three saints (for Maurorum cccxl, the Moorish Martyrs);
fol. 11r October, St Simon (wrong inscription Thaddeus erased) holding scroll inscribed Sanctorum communionem remissio pec., Franciscan absolving kneeling woman, Scorpio; left margin: St Victoria, 11,000 Virgins, St Severinus, Sts Crispin and Crispinian, St Narcissus, St Quintin; right margin: St Luke, Sts Severus and Cordula, St Amand, Sts Simon and Jude, Sts Mark and Peter;
fol. 11v November, Killing pig; left margin: All Saints, St Hubert, St Felix, St Theodore, St Martin raising three dead men, St Brice or Fridolin as bishop, woman and child pointing at him; right margin: St Gregory, Four Crowned Martyrs, Pope Martin, St Othmar;
fol. 12r November, St Jude holding scroll inscribed Carnis resurrectionem, two men and a woman rising from tombs, Sagitarius; left margin: St Anianus, St Elizabeth of Hungary, Pope Clement in water, with church behind, St Catherine with broken wheel, St Saturninus and two other saints; right margin: St Romanus, St Cecilia addressing two men, St Landolin, St Andrew crucified head downwards;
fol. 12v December, Baking bread; left margin: St Eligius, St Nicholas with three boys, St Eulalia, St Lucy; right margin: St Barbara, St Eucharius, St Damasus, St Valerian;
fol. 13r December, St Mathias holding scroll inscribed Et vitam eternam amen, Last Judgement, Capricorn; left margin: St Ignatius, St Thomas, Nativity, St John; right margin: Sts Secundus and Zosimus, St Victoria, Martyrdom of St Stephen, Massacre of the Innocents, St Silvester.

27 full-page framed miniatures on burnished gold grounds grouped in ten sections before the main division Psalms 1, 26, 38, 51, 52, 68, 80, 97, 101, 109:
fol. 15v Annunciation; fol. 16r Nativity; fol. 17v Journey of the Magi; fol. 18r Adoration of the Magi; fol. 19v Flight into Egypt; fol. 20r Massacre of the Innocents; fol. 21v Christ among the Doctors; fol. 22r Christ driving the money-changers from Temple; fol. 39v First Temptation of Christ; fol. 49v Christ surrounded by eleven Apostles; fol. 50r Entry into Jerusalem; fol. 59v Last Supper; fol. 60r Washing of the Feet; fol. 61v Agony in the Garden; fol. 63v Judas receiving money from Jews while Apostles look on; fol. 72v Betrayal; fol. 73r Christ brought before Pilate; fol. 74v Mocking of Christ; fol. 85v Flagellation; fol. 86r Carrying of the Cross; fol. 87v Crucifixion with Virgin, St John, centurion piercing Christ’s side, and two adoring angels; fol. 98v Deposition; fol. 99r Entombment; fol. 100v Three Women and Angel at the Tomb; fol. 103v Harrowing of Hell; fol. 113v Pentecost; fol. 114r Coronation of the Virgin; fol. 115v Christ as Judge enthroned and flanked by Virgin and St John the Baptist interceding, Evangelists’ symbols in corner medallions of frame.

10 historiated initials on burnished gold grounds for main division Psalms, with opening words of Psalm in display script in gold leaf beneath each initial:
fol. 23v Psalm 1, [B, full-page] God the Father flanked by two angels and holding scroll inscribed Hic est filius meus dilectus in quo above, Christ flanked by Virgin and St John the Baptist below, medallion with dove of the Holy Spirit between the Father and Christ, medallions within shaft and curves of initial containing David playing harp, Solomon holding scroll inscribed omnis sapiencia a domino, and Isaiah holding scroll inscribed Ecce virgo, opening words of Psalm in display script in gold leaf continue on fol. 24r; fol. 40r Psalm 26, [D, 18 ll.] Presentation in the Temple; fol. 51r Psalm 38, [D, 18 ll.] David pointing to mouth, holding book, and facing old man with scroll, boy standing behind; fol. 62r Psalm 51, [Q, 15 ll.] Soldier in armour threatening youth with knife, three men behind, one holding scroll inscribed Ecce homo qui non pos[uit deum adiutorem suum]; fol. 64r Psalm 52, [D, 15 ll.] David pointing at fool who looks away from vision of Christ above, four men behind David looking on; fol. 75r Psalm 68, [S, 15 ll.] Christ enthroned between two angels above, David praying in water below; fol. 88r Psalm 80, [E, 15 ll.] Three musicians playing string instrument, trumpet and drum above, two musicians playing harp and transverse flute below; fol. 101r Psalm 97, [C, 15 ll.] David enthroned pointing at seven clerics singing at lectern out of book containing neumes and words Alleluia. Confitemini domino; fol. 104r Psalm 101, [D, 15 ll.] David kneeling in prayer to divine rays above, two men on left and two on right; fol. 116r Psalm 109, [D, 16 ll.] The Father and Son enthroned and blessing.

168 small framed marginal miniatures for the ordinary Psalms and Canticles:
fol. 24v Psalm 2, David kneeling before divine hand, enemies pointing at him; fol. 25r Psalm 3, David kneeling before divine hand and threatened by armed men; fol. 25r Psalm 4, David standing beneath divine hand and confronting evil men; fol. 25v Psalm 5, David kneeling before divine hand and facing youth; fol. 26r Psalm 6, David in bed beneath divine hand, one man praying, another turning away; fol. 26v Psalm 7, David kneeling in building, threatened by enemies; fol. 27r Psalm 8, David standing, praying, and facing shepherd; fol. 27v Psalm 9, David standing beneath divine hand and facing an armed man who seizes two poor men; fol. 29r Psalm 10, David kneeling and facing armed men; fol. 29v Psalm 11, David kneeling beneath divine hand, water before him, man anointing a saint; fol. 30r Psalm 12, Christ touching eyes of David who is threatened by armed man; fol. 30r Psalm 13, David kneeling and facing fool; fol. 30v Psalm 14, David pointing at buildings above and facing man; fol. 31r Psalm 15, David kneeling beneath divine hand, three saints on right; fol. 31v Psalm 16, David and woman threatened by soldiers, lion with lamb in his mouth; fol. 32r Psalm 17, David kneeling beneath divine hand under canopy flanked by two heads, torrent of water and fire on right; fol. 34r Psalm 18, David with book praying to Christ in medallion above and facing three men; fol. 34v Psalm 19, David kneeling beneath divine hand, two men on right; fol. 35r Psalm 20, David facing men struck by fire from above; fol. 35v Psalm 21, David kneeling beneath divine hand, armed men with lion and dog; fol. 36v Psalm 22, David standing beside altar with chalice, anointed by divine hands, and threatened by enemies; fol. 37r Psalm 23, David facing hill with tree and pointing at rays above, old man behind him; fol. 37r Psalm 24, David kneeling, facing men, and lifting his naked soul to divine hand; fol. 38r Psalm 25, David washing hands from gemellion basins held by youth, old man holding towel; fol. 41r Psalm 27, David kneeling at altar beneath divine hand under canopy, young men behind him; fol. 41v Psalm 28, David addressing men, one holding lamb, divine hand above; fol. 41v Psalm 29, David kneeling and facing armed men; fol. 42r Psalm 30, David looking up to divine hand, men on right; fol. 43r Psalm 31, David pointing to horse and mule, men behind him, rays above; fol. 43v Psalm 32, David facing two men who play harp and psaltery; fol. 44r Psalm 33, David facing young men, divine hand above; fol. 45r Psalm 34, David leaping into air, man and warrior on right; fol. 46r Psalm 35, David looks at men and points at warrior who cuts his throat with sword; fol. 46v Psalm 36, David looking at warrior who drives sword into his own chest, five onlookers; fol. 47v Psalm 37, David conversing with men; fol. 52r Psalm 39, David standing on rock, divine rays reaching down to his mouth, four men looking up; fol. 52v Psalm 40, David giving bread to two cripples, divine hand blessing above; fol. 53r Psalm 41, David kneels in prayer to divine rays above, stag in stream among rocks beside him; fol. 54r Psalm 42, David kneeling in prayer, warrior standing before him; fol. 54r Psalm 43, David praying to divine hand above, four onlookers; fol. 55r Psalm 44, David conversing with the Virgin; fol. 55v Psalm 45, Young David pointing at the City of God, two onlookers; fol. 56r Psalm 46, David kneeling before divine hand, men giving thanks for their triumph over their enemies; fol. 56v Psalm 47, David a four men looking up at Christ holding sword and blessing from battlements; fol. 57r Psalm 48, David conversing with rich and poor men; fol. 57v Psalm 49, David offering ox to Christ surrounded by beasts and birds; fol. 58v Psalm 50, David kneeling in prayer to divine hand, four onlookers; fol. 64v Psalm 54, David kneeling, two men beside him, warrior before him; fol. 65v Psalm 55, David praying to divine hand beside stream, warrior standing on his back; fol. 66r Psalm 56, Young David praying to divine hand, two men emerging from lions; fol. 66v Psalm 57, Young David enthroned and addressing four men; fol. 66v Psalm 58, David threatened by two warriors, youth behind him; fol. 67v Psalm 59, David kneeling and four men praying to divine rays; fol. 68r Psalm 60, David praying to divine rays, two men behind him, warrior before him; fol. 68r Psalm 61, Young David pointing at divine hand to four men; fol. 68v Psalm 62, David kneeling and receiving contents of divine vessel into his mouth, three onlookers; fol. 69r Psalm 63, David kneeling beneath divine rays, two men behind him, warrior before him; fol. 69r Psalm 64, David praying to divine hand, three onlookers; fol. 69v Psalm 65, David pointing at divine hand, two onlookers; fol. 70r Psalm 66, David offering calf at altar, two onlookers; fol. 70v Psalm 67, David kneeling and pointing at divine rays, three warriors flee from rays; fol. 76v Psalm 69, David kneeling before warrior and old men, two men behind him; fol. 77r Psalm 70, David kneeling before building, four onlookers, framed miniature of three beasts, one playing harp, in lower margin; fol. 77v Psalm 71, David blessed by divine hand and conversing with three men; fol. 78v Psalm 72, David kneeling threatened by enemies; fol. 79r Psalm 73, David kneeling before building set ablaze by warrior with torch, three onlookers, Christ’s bust above; fol. 80r Psalm 74, David conversing with three men, divine hand above; fol. 80v Psalm 75, Young David conversing with three youths; fol. 80v Psalm 76, David kneeling before three men; fol. 81v Psalm 77, Two groups of men looking up to Christ’s bust holding blank scroll; fol. 83v Psalm 78, David praying, warriors slaying children; fol. 84v Psalm 79, David conversing with three men; fol. 89r Psalm 81, Young Christ holding sword and addressing four men; fol. 89r Psalm 82, David conversing with three men; fol. 89v Psalm 83, David kneeling and two men pointing at bird in nest and young on tree, divine hand above; fol. 90r Psalm 84, David kneeling and two men looking up to divine hand; fol. 90v Psalm 85, David and two men kneeling before divine rays; fol. 91r Psalm 86, Young David standing between man and woman; fol. 91r Psalm 87, David conversing with young man; fol. 92r Psalm 88, David kneeling before young king and two men; fol. 93v Psalm 89, Young David and two men, divine rays above; fol. 94r Psalm 90, David pointing at three demons falling off beam, divine hand above; fol. 94v Psalm 91, David and two old men pointing at divine hand; fol. 95r Psalm 92, David conversing with two men; fol. 95v Psalm 93, David watching warrior struck with sword by divine hand; fol. 96r Psalm 94, David conversing with four men and pointing at divine rays; fol. 96v Psalm 95, David kneeling before divine hand, two onlookers; fol. 97r Psalm 96, David pointing at divine hand before three men; fol. 101v Psalm 98, David and three men looking up to God crowned and blessing; fol. 102r Psalm 99, David and two men conversing; fol. 102r Psalm 100, David kneeling before man; fol. 105r Psalm 102, David kneeling and crowned by angel, two onlookers; fol. 106r Psalm 103, David and labourer tilling the ground with mattock, sun and moon above; fol. 107r Psalm 104, Young David pointing up and two men praying; fol. 108v Psalm 105, Young David conversing with men, divine hand above; fol. 110r Psalm 106, David and two men praying; fol. 111r Psalm 107, David playing harp, two onlookers; fol. 111v Psalm 108, David threatened by two warriors and kneeling before divine hand; fol. 116v Psalm 110, David conversing with six men, divine hand above; fol. 117r Psalm 111, David giving bread to three cripples; fol. 117r Psalm 112, David pointing at divine hand and addressing six youths; fol. 117v Psalm 113, David pointing at divine hand and at demon on column worshipped by two men; fol. 118r Psalm 114, David threatened by warrior, kneeling in prayer to divine hand above, Hell Mouth behind him; fol. 118v Psalm 115, David holding cup of salvation and flanked by four men; fol. 118v Psalm 116, David addressing four men; fol. 119r Psalm 117, David praying to divine rays, man before him; fol. 119v Psalm 118, Aleph, David conversing with two men, divine hand above; fol. 120r Psalm 118, Gimel, David praying at altar, divine rays above; fol. 120v Psalm 118, He, David receiving scroll inscribed LEX from divine hand; fol. 121r Psalm 118, Zain, David conversing with man; fol. 121v Psalm 118, Teth, David conversing with man; fol. 122r Psalm 118, Caph, David conversing with man, divine hand above; fol. 122v Psalm 118, Mem, David addressing two men; fol. 123r Psalm 118, Samech, David addressing man; fol. 123v Psalm 118, Pe, David addressing two men; fol. 124r Psalm 118, Koph, David kneeling in prayer, man before him; fol. 124v Psalm 118, Shin, David threatened by two men, one with raised sword; fol. 125r Psalm 119, David facing young man, divine hand above; fol. 125r Psalm 120, David looking up at mountain; fol. 125r Psalm 121, David and man praying, divine rays above; fol. 125v Psalm 122, David and man pointing at divine hand above; fol. 125v Psalm 123, David conversing with man and woman; fol. 126r Psalm 124, David conversing with three men; fol. 126r Psalm 125, David conversing with two men holding sheaves; fol. 126v Psalm 126, David watching two men building wall, tower with steeple falling off behind them; fol. 126v Psalm 127, David watching man tilling earth and woman with distaff and two children; fol. 126v Psalm 128, David threatened by two men; fol. 127r Psalm 129, David and man looking at divine hand above; fol. 127r Psalm 130, David kneeling in prayer, man behind him; fol. 127v Psalm 131, David kneeling and pointing at the temple; fol. 128r Psalm 132, David facing three tonsured men in white robes and grey cloaks; fol. 128r Psalm 133, David and four men praising God; fol. 128r Psalm 134, David pointing at king whose head is about to be chopped off by sword held by divine hand, corpse with severed head falling off; fol. 128v Psalm 135, David kneeling and praying to Christ holding sun and moon, two onlookers; fol. 129r Psalm 136, David pointing at organ with eight pipes suspended from tree; fol. 129v Psalm 137, David praying beside temple, two angels behind him; fol. 129v Psalm 138, Christ standing on dragon and placing hand on David’s head; fol. 130v Psalm 139, David kneeling before warrior; fol. 131r Psalm 140, David conversing with two men; fol. 131v Psalm 141, David conversing with two men; fol. 131v Psalm 142, David kneeling before two men, divine rays above; fol. 132r Psalm 143, David as warrior facing another warrior, divine hand above; fol. 132v Psalm 144, David kneeling in prayer to divine hand above, two onlookers; fol. 133v Psalm 145, David kneeling between two men; fol. 133v Psalm 146, David conversing with man; fol. 134r Psalm 147, David facing city gatehouse with open gate, divine hand above; fol. 134r Psalm 148, David and two winged angels praising God; fol. 134v Psalm 149, David addressing two men; fol. 135r Psalm 150, David playing bells;
fol. 135r Canticle of Isaiah, Confitebor tibi domine, Isaiah kneeling under sword held by divine hand; fol. 135r Canticle of Hezekiah, Ego dixi in dimidio, Hezekiah in bed looking up to divine rays, Isaiah standing beside; fol. 135v Canticle of Hannah, Exultavit cor meum, Hannah pointing up to divine hand; fol. 136r Canticle of Moses I, Cantemus domino, Moses and four men standing in water and praying, divine rays above; fol. 137r Canticle of Habakkuk, Domine audivi, Habakkuk pointing up to divine hands pierced by nails; fol. 138r Canticle of Moses II, Audite celi, Two men standing behind crowned figure pointing to rainbow-like heaven; fol. 139v Canticle of the three children in the fiery furnace, Benedicite omnia opera, Three children in fiery furnace; fol. 140r Canticle of Zacharias, Benedictus dominus deus Israel, Zacharias receiving the infant St John the Baptist from his mother; fol. 140v Canticle of the Virgin, Magnificat anima mea dominum, Visitation; fol. 141r Canticle of Symeon, Nunc dimittis, Presentation in the Temple; fol. 141r Te deum, Sts Ambrose and Augustine as bishops facing each other beneath divine hand; fol. 141v Quicumque vult, St Athanasius as bishop standing beside Throne of Mercy Trinity.

Litany pages framed within twin arches with pillars supported by beasts and hybrids, and carrying roofs and turrets, and vertical bands in left and right margins containing busts of saints or feasts beside their mention in Litany:
fol. 143r God the Father, Christ crucified, Dove flying upwards, Throne of Mercy Trinity, Christ blessing, Virgin, Virgin between two virgins, St Michael and dragon, Annunciation, St Raphael handing scroll to Tobias, three angels, St John the Baptist, three prophets, St Peter, St Paul, St Andrew, St James the Great, St Philip; fol. 143v St Bartholomew, St John, St James the Less, St Thomas, St Mattew, St Simon, St Jude, St Matthias, St Mark’s lion with book, St Luke’s ox with bishop (probably Adalbert), bishop (probably St Vitus), St Peter Martyr with scroll inscribed credo in deum, St Fabian, St Sebastian; fol. 144r St Chrysogonus, St Kilian and two other saints, St Cyriacus and two other saints, St Maurice and two other saints in armour, heads of six martyrs, St Nicholas, St Martin, St Augustine with three books in each hand, St Dominic, St Francis, St Anthony, St Benedict, St Bernard, St Gall, St Linus, St Cletus, St Gaius, St Silvester, heads of six monks and bishops; fol. 144v St Mary Magdalene, St Mary of Egypt, St Catherine, St Margaret, St Juliana, St Cecilia, St Agatha, St Agnes, St Lucy, St Gertrude, St Scholastica, St Petronilla, St Felicitas, St Perpetua, St Walburga, St Corona, St Thecla, St Elizabeth of Hungary, St Clare, St Anastasia; fol. 145r All Saints, old man praying, young man praying, king praying, man in hat praying, bishop praying, Dominican praying, man praying, monk praying, youth praying; fol. 145v Resurrection, Ascension, Pentecost, body on a bier, Christ as Judge with sword across mouth, four images of a man praying, woman praying; fol. 146r seven images of people praying.

Marginal figures, animals, hybrids, and scenes, often supporting small marginal miniatures, architectural structures in Calendar and Litany, and foliate or geometric motifs in margins.

ORNAMENTATION: Gold initials [3 ll.] with foliate or geometric infill and backgrounds in blue, green, red, pink and black, and blue and red pen-flourished extensions for ordinary Psalms and Canticles; gold one-line initials on blue, red, and green grounds, often with blue and red pen-flourished extensions; marginal bars of gold geometric motifs with red and blue pen-flourished ornament; red and blue penwork geometric line-fillers.


History note: Made for a Duchess of Breslau between 1255 and 1267; Bertram, fourth earl of Ashburnham (1797 – 1878), Ashburnham Appendix, no. XXXIV; purchased from him by Henry Yates Thompson (1838 – 1928) in May 1897 (his bookplate inside upper cover); his sale, Sotheby’s, London, 23 March 1920, lot 60; purchased by Thomas H. Riches (1856 – 1935); his bequest, 1935 (received in 1950).

Place(s) associated

  • Padua

Acquisition and important dates

Method of acquisition: Bequeathed (1935) by Riches, Thomas Henry


13th Century, third quarter
Circa 1255 CE - Circa 1265 CE


Illuminated by the Master of Giovanni da Gaibana and other artists

People, subjects and objects depicted


  • Cambridge Illuminated

Materials used in production


Components of the work

Support composed of parchment
Text Height 203 mm Width 132 mm
Page Height 326 mm Width 227 mm

Techniques used in production


Inscription or legends present

  • Text: [con]silio impiorum
  • Location: Fol. 24
  • Type: Secundo folio

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